What is KetoLadies 2019?

KetoLadies 2019 is the second edition of our women’s health event, focusing fully on ladies: women hormones, emotions, mind/body connection, cravings, self esteem and consciousness, joy, empowerment, embracing femininity and vanity and perhaps even some bling!

Male guests interested in these subjects are of course welcome to join us.

We also want to put emphasis on joy and movement! Nutritious food is fundamental for your health, but there are more things to do when it comes to optimal health: use your body and enjoy life.

This is the reason why we want to create an interactive event, where the participants play a more active role. KetoLadies 2019 offers both lectures and workshops.

To ensure a really high quality experience, we cooperate with Hotel Espléndido and have an age limit (18 yrs).

So come along with us, expand your knowledge, get inspired by your fellow low carbers and – last but not least – have a really good time in Mallorca!

Be a KetoLady!

Let Bitte tell you a little bit more…

When Hanna and I planned our first KetoLadies event, the vision was clear: focusing on women’s health from a low-carb perspective and raising the topic on the agenda by gathering speakers with great knowledge of how the female body works and reacts during a long weekend. Why? Firstly, we have our “own” diseases / conditions, compared to men, we are millionaires in hormones, we can exhibit other symptoms than men, for example, heart attacks etc. Secondly, a great deal of research is based on just men, which may mean that the conclusions reached in a study cannot all be applied to us women. 

Research about women’s health is still lagging behind in comparison with men. Low-carbohydrate diets are still questioned by many, there is too little research on the health effects. And this is why it is so important to have a low-carb event dedicated to women’s health! 

In order to get a soft start before an event (and give long-distance guests a chance to recover a little), our events always start with a welcome dinner the night before the first lecture day. By gathering all the guests and lecturers in this way we get a chance to get to know each other. Instead of looking a bit shyly at a chair in the lounge (where all lectures are) among a lot of unknown people, the room is full of familiar faces.

And this works! Actually from the first dinner. Everyone here knows that they share the same interests. One of them, of course, is the diet. Everyone eats some kind of low-carbohydrate diet, which means you don’t have to explain why your plate looks like it does. Since all food served is LCHF, you also do not need to explain to the restaurant staff what you can or cannot eat. Another interest is, of course, women’s health. With these two common denominators as the basis, the talks are soon started. These are the reasons why we are all here.

I honestly admit that I always had a little trouble for these special girl / lady / women’s meetings. I look more at the activity itself: a trip, a dinner, a weekend. Not who does it. Without “girl” etc before the actual activity. After the first KetoLadies, I realized that being only women in a context can really be something very special. No one cares about what you work with, how you look, where you come from. The shared interests and the personal experiences are important. Nothing else.

This is the base of the relaxed atmosphere. Your fellow guests and lecturers are genuinely interested in you and your knowledge / experience. For several attendees, this was a catalyst to really open up. Some told things about themselves that they never told others before. Nasty, tough things. But also extremely gratifying! We learnt how they managed to solve a problem, how much better they feel today.

However, it is very important to emphasize that you certainly not have to share your life this way! It’s just ok to just listen. I think this is the thing with KetoLadies: it feels safe and there are no demands, nothing is wrong. You are accepted exactly as you are.

The days start at 9. Until lunch at 13 there are four lectures in the lounge. It’s a little break between everyone so you get to stretch your legs and have a cup of coffee or tea.

During KetoLadies we do not rent the entire hotel as at our November event. But we have the big restaurant on the second floor for ourselves! There is lunch buffet at 13. Some animal protein (meat / fish / bird), hot and cold vegetables, delicious and fat sauces / dressings, cheese etc. You can adapt your plate exactly to your particular low-carb diet!

The afternoon passes with workshops starts at 2 pm, those who the lecturers hold are kept in the lounge. All lecturers have their own “slot”, ie their workshops do not interfere with anyone else’s. In parallel with the activities in the lounge, we have put in a movement pass. We do this because we want to emphasize the importance of using the body, but also because you may not really be super interested in a particular topic. Then you can take a walk, swim in the heated pool or run a pass at the gym instead!

The days end with dinner at 19. Same arrangement with buffet as at lunches, except the last evening when we are served a three course dinner. After dinner we have no planned activities. It’s your time.

Some choose to hang out with other guests and lecturers after dinner. Others retreat to their rooms, perhaps take a walk in solitude to think through the day. Whatever you choose: everything is ok. No one will question you.

Of course, men who are interested in women’s health are also welcome! In fact, I really think it would be for male doctors who work with a holistic approach. Besides the purely scientific content, I believe that many tokens can fall down generally in these days. Knowledge and insights that can facilitate in daily work.

Do you think that sounds interesting? Here you will find more information:

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This is what you can expect at KetoLadies 2019

Expert Speakers

Inspiring Workshops

Beautiful four star hotel

Delicious LCHF food

Connecting with like-minded people