What is KetoLadies 2019?

KetoLadies 2019 is the second edition of our women’s health event, focusing fully on ladies: women hormones, emotions, mind/body connection, cravings, self esteem and consciousness, joy, empowerment, embracing femininity and vanity and perhaps even some bling!

Male guests interested in these subjects are of course welcome to join us.

We also want to put emphasis on joy and movement! Nutritious food is fundamental for your health, but there are more things to do when it comes to optimal health: use your body and enjoy life.

This is the reason why we want to create an interactive event, where the participants play a more active role. KetoLadies 2019 offers both lectures and workshops.

To ensure a really high quality experience, we cooperate with Hotel Espléndido and have an age limit (18 yrs).

So come along with us, expand your knowledge, get inspired by your fellow low carbers and – last but not least – have a really good time in Mallorca!

Be a KetoLady!

This is what you can expect at KetoLadies 2019

Expert Speakers

Inspiring Workshops

Beautiful four star hotel

Delicious LCHF food

Connecting with like-minded people