About The Low Carb Universe

What is LCU?

The Low Carb Universe AB (LLC) aims to arrange international low carb events in Europe. We present both well-known profiles and new stars who spread knowledge about different aspects of the low-carb lifestyle. Our events are interactive with a mix of lectures and workshops to make it possible to dig deeper into interesting subjects and learn from each other. We encourage discussion and interaction outside the schedule to make our events extra rewarding for both lecturers and guests, which is why we only sell full event tickets, including food and accommodation.

This is LCU!

Watch these short videos to get a better idea of what we do.

Our Vision

The low-carb lifestyle has been and still is very important to our own health. We want to spread awareness and knowledge, connect people and offer a possibility to learn more by presenting excellent speakers, serving 100 % low-carb food and by emphasizing the importance of movement through offering physical workshops. To us, joy is also a very important piece in the health puzzle. To enjoy life and be able to laugh at oneself every now and then makes life so much easier!

The founders


I’ve lived with Type 1 Diabetes as my constant companion for over 30 years, and it was as if my whole life fell into place when I started LCHF in 2011. I have gained much of my health back, thanks to eating right.

Through my own company, Hanna Diabetes Expert, I’ve inspired thousands of people with diabetes to live a healthier life by sharing my own story and experiences, as well as the puzzle pieces I’ve helped others to find. I have a profound understanding of how things like nutrition and lifestyle choices can balance diabetes.

I live just outside of Zürich, Switzerland with my husband, diabetes gear and the odd borrowed dog. I love exploring new corners of the world and can’t wait to see you in Mallorca!


I am the former reporter and marketer that totally changed career when I trained to be a dietary advisor in 2014. LCHF has been my model since January -09. I’ve got rid of 15 kilos, migraines, gastric catarrh, dry skin, low energy levels etc.

Beside working with The Low Carb Universe, I work for the non-profit organization Dietary Science Foundation, whose purpose is to raise funds to finance scientific studies about how diet affects health and the possible side effects caused by a change of diet. I work with diet and health 24/7!

I share house with my husband and our daughter in Stocksund, a community north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Our special amigo 

Sebastian Boëthius
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