Ximena de la Serna

Speaker at KetoLadies 2019

Nutritional Therapist & Digital Entrepreneur

Ximena de la Serna

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Digital Entrepreneur from Colombia. At age 13 I was diagnosed with PCOS and that’s when my health began to plummet. Do you recognise the drill?:

– Aggressive adult cystic acne

– Alopecia (I lost 50% of my hair)

– Mood swings and constant energy crashes (getting me in trouble at home for being a ‘moody bitch’)

– Weight fluctuation

– Hair at places it shouldn’t be…

– Sugar cravings and insulin resistance leading to pre-diabetes…

The list is quite extensive. And the ‘solution’ you are given: take the pill and carry on. Little we knew my early life experiences and nutrition got me there and it could actually be fixed without drugs. And, by the way, I’m a passionate ‘anti-pill’ advocate now!

At 30 I discovered my passion for strength training and that lead to me finding and going keto and graduating as a Nutritional Therapist in the following years.

7 months into the LCHF + Intermittent Fasting lifestyle I was clear of PCOS after two decades of suffering, to my doctors astonishment.

And I discovered you can still lift and grow strength like a badass without the need for carbs (and with MUCH less gym time than we were made to believe).

Today, together with my main outlet for empowered women at Ximenadelaserna.com, I run SinCarbohidratos.com, a site + LCHF challenge where I’m helping dozens of Spanish speaking women overcome PCOS, diabetes, hormonal issues and optimise their DNA expression through Nutrigenetics and Nutritional Therapy.