Romina Scalco

Speaker at KetoLadies 2019

Certified holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, specialised on Low Carb / LCHF

Low Carb Blog

I am a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, blogger, speaker, author and a Life Coach in-training.

Since my teenage days I’ve struggled with my weight. I was getting bigger and bigger although I’ve tried everything: every diet on the market, every fitness program that crossed my way. I began to hate myself for gaining that much weight. I began to hate my body.

As this wouldn’t be enough I’ve struggled also with chronic pain due to my endometriosis. This female disorder got so bad that I survived my days only with strong painkillers. I had to go through several surgeries and I was getting hormones and painkillers from the doctors to deal with the illness all by myself.

Every step I took to get out of misery actually brought me deeper into it. My mindset got worse, my weight went still up.  I developed self-destroying habits and eating disorders to punish myself for not having enough willpower and discipline to get slim again.

Until one day, where life sent me a big AHA-moment and I decided to find a way to stop my weight gain and stop hating myself. This was the starting point of my journey, the journey to a healthy lifestyle, to a good, loving relationship with my body, to no more hunger and to a whole bunch of self love and happiness. Even though I started the low carb diet to aim for losing weight, it helped me in so many other ways. I managed to grow out of the eating disorder, could feel full after a meal and started to feel myself again.

I’ve started a Swiss blog about all this and I have now the great opportunity to help people on their way to a healthier and happier life. Together with Julia Tulipan and the LCHF Deutschland Academy I help educating new health and nutrition coaches to spread the word about a healthy (and happy) way to eat and live.

I really look forward to meet you soon in Mallorca at this magical place!